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Liberty Academy

Earn Crypto


A new paradigm shift in education whereby your hours of hard work are rewarded in cryptocurrency.

- Our philosophy is that quality work should not only carry its own intrinsic rewards but also monetary ones as well.
- As you invest your valuable time, energy, and effort, you should be rewarded for it.
- Why can't students get rewarded for their work also? Actually, they can!

How it works:

Students can earn cryptocurrency:

Teachers and contributors (mentors, monitors, partners) can earn cryptocurrency by:

Which cryptocurrency?

This has yet to be decided, but the contenders are: EOS, Steem, Steem dollars, Dash, or Bitshares
(We may use more than one type, or even create our own token. Suggestons are welcome; just drop us a line)

Donate Crypto:

As this academy is entirely self-funded, we appreciate and accept contributions and you can do so via following addresses:

100% of contributions will be allocated for student rewards!