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Communication Styles
COURSE: Communication Styles

Course Code: PEOPL005, Category: Mini-Course, Status: Active

Dan Fournier
Instructor: Dan Fournier, read his bio...
Course Summary: Effective communication and nurturing relationships are essential components of success. Learning how to communicate better with everyone can benefit you in so many ways. A big part of this is to learn that people have different ways of communicating based on their own personal traits, characteristics, and personality attributes. In this course you will learn some basics of effective oral communication. More specifically, you will learn how to identify anyone's communication style (of which there are four main types) and adapt your own so as to ensure clearer and more beneficial exchanges with them.
Course Aims:
  • learn about some basics of effective communication
  • become a more effective communicator
  • learn about the 4 types of communication styles most people fall under
  • become able to identify people's predominant communication style
  • learn how to adapt your interactions in order to more effectively communicate with others
Course Name
Duration (hours)
Age Level

# of Students

Materials Used

People Skills
Communication Styles
1 or more
  • Presentation (PDF)
  • Survey
  • Group Discussion
Details: The course will be given online on the Schoology platform. It will consist of a main Presentation and Supporting Documents (in PDF format), as well as a discussion forum for student participation, interaction, and writing.

Joining the Course: If you wish to join this course, you must email dan stating you'd like to join the course. Upon the email reply, you will be given an ACCESS-CODE; you must then go to schoology.com and enter the access-code to sign-up. Then, you will be all set to access the related materials get started on the course. You will also need to sign-up for the Discussion Group.