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Descriptive Writing
COURSE: Descriptive Writing

Course Code: WRITE001, Category: Mini-Course, Status: Active

Dan Fournier
Instructor: Dan Fournier, read his bio...
Course Summary: In a fast-paced society where instant-gratification is the norm, we seldom slow down and take the time to not only savor life fully but also to communicate its beauty in an eloquent and impassioned fashion. This course will empower you with superior writing skills that will enhance and lift your written communication skills to new heights. Moreover, you will discover key tools and methods and then practice them thoroughly. You will learn how to beautify and strengthen whatever message you wish to convey to the world so that it attracts the attention it greatly deserves and leaves a lasting impression.
Course Aims:
  • examine the nature, characteristics, and benefits involved with descriptive writing
  • learn about how to use different parts of speech for effective descriptions
  • how to write descriptive text that grabs attention, arouses imagination, and creates a lasting impact
  • greatly enhance one's descriptive vocabulary including names of a wide palette of colors
  • be able to depict nature, fauna, landscapes, and other environments in a story-telling like fashion
  • create sensory description that are based on all five senses
Course Name
Duration (hours)
Age Level

# of Students

Materials Used

Descriptive Writing
1 or more
  • Presentation (PDF)
  • Guide to writing an exposé
  • Documentary Videos
  • Case Studies (articles, websites)
  • Group Discussion
Details: The course will be given online on the Schoology platform. It will consist of a main Presentation and Supporting Documents (in PDF format), as well as a discussion forum for student participation, interaction, and writing.

Joining the Course: If you wish to join this course, you must email dan stating you'd like to join the course. Upon the email reply, you will be given an ACCESS-CODE; you must then go to schoology.com and enter the access-code to sign-up. Then, you will be all set to access the related materials get started on the course. You will also need to sign-up for the Discussion Group.