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At the Movies: The Great Dictator

Course Code: CBAM001, Category: Culture Builder, Status: Active

Dan Fournier
Instructor: Dan Fournier, read his bio...
Course Summary: In this short course, you will be introduced to a great filmmaker and actor - Charlie Chaplin and watch, analyze and discuss his wonderful film The Great Dictator (1940).
Movie Poster for The Great Dictator
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Materials Used

Culture Builder
At the Movies: The Great Dictator
  • Short bio (video)
  • Speech Text (PDF)
  • Speech Video (.mp4)
  • Group Discussion

Details: The course will be given online on the Schoology platform. It will consist of supporting documents (in PDF format) and a discussion forum for student participation, interaction, and writing.

To watch the movie, you will need to either go to your local video store or search online for its availability to rent, stream, or purchase it. Even though it is an older film, it should still be widely available.

Joining the Course: If you wish to join this course, you must email dan stating you'd like to join the course. Spots may be limited; they will be allotted on a first-come, first-serve basis. If the course is full, you can be given priority for the next available section. Upon the email reply, you will be given an ACCESS-CODE; you must then go to schoology.com and enter the access-code to sign-up. Then, you will be all set to access the related materials and Discussion Group...