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Investigative Journalism
COURSE: Investigative Journalism

Course Code: MCIJ001, Category: Mini-Course, Status: Active

Dan Fournier
Instructor: Dan Fournier, read his bio...
Course Summary: In this short course, you will begin with a broad overview or types of journalism along with 5 core principles of the trade. Then, you will get to explore the characteristics, challenges, and impacts (such as exposing abuses of power and fighting corruption) of citizen/investigative journalism. We will also look at two case studies. You will learn the important "How To's" such as how to: obtain sources of information, gather facts & evidence, establish contacts, and how to write & publish your article as well as two key tools of the trade. Finally, you will get a chance to put it all practice by composing and publishing your own investigative journalism article.
Course Aims:
  • learn about types of journalism and some of its core principles
  • understand the need for citizen/investigative journalism in today's volatile world filled with propaganda and disinformation
  • learn about the characteristics of the trade
  • understand challenges associated with the trade
  • examine the work of others in the field
  • learn how to investigate by first answering what & who to investigate, making contacts, gathering information, facts and evidence
  • learn how to write your own investigative article
  • write and publish your article
Course Name
Duration (hours)
Age Level

# of Students

Materials Used

Investigative Journalism
1 or more
  • Presentation (PDF)
  • Primer on Inv. Journalism
  • Videos
  • Case Studies (websites)
  • Group Discussion
Details: The course will be given online on the Schoology platform. It will consist of a main Presentation and a Primer (in PDF format), videos, and a discussion forum for student participation, interaction, and writing.

Joining the Course: If you wish to join this course, you must email dan stating you'd like to join the course. Upon the email reply, you will be given an ACCESS-CODE; you must then go to schoology.com and enter the access-code to sign-up. Then, you will be all set to access the related materials get started on the course. You will also need to sign-up for the Discussion Group.