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  At the Movies !


Welcome to At the Movies! where we explore some of the most amazing movies ever made. Movies represent a rich means by which we can learn about culture, society, language, and much more. Here at the Liberty Academy, we believe it is worthwhile to examine films beyond their entertainment value. For parents and educators, movies serve as an exciting medium through which higher level thinking and learning can occur for our students. That being said, have a look at some of our movie choices below, feel free to customize the lessons, and join in on the fun!

It's a Wonderful Life


Title: It's a Wonderful Life (click for the IMDB info)

Country: USA

Year: 1946

Running Time: 2h 10min

Motion Picture Rating: PG

Notable Actors: James Stewart

Synopsis: On the Christmas Eve of Bedford Falls, the guardian angel Clarence is assigned to convince the desperate George Bailey not to commit suicide. George is a good man that sacrificed his dreams and his youth on behalf of the citizens of his small town. He inherited the loan business of his father and he gave up traveling the world and joining University as scheduled. Later he resisted the proposals of the evil banker Mr. Potter, and never sold his business to protect the poor community of Bedford Falls and offer a means to afford to buy their own house. He married his beloved Mary Hatch Bailey and had four children with her and a tough life with his family. When his uncle Billy loses US$ 8,000.00, found and stolen by Mr. Potter, George decides to commit suicide, since he believes he worth more dead than alive. When Clarence sees that he is not able to persuade George to give up his intention, he decides to show the life in town if George had never existed.

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It's a Wondeful Life

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