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Short Stories

Amanita new book cover


Amanita is a short story that explores a wide range of themes. It is organized in a small book format.

Synopsis: A troubled but strong-willed teen escapes the shackles of her dreary urban existence to reconnect with her true self by embarking on a journey of pitfalls and rejuvenation through a nearby woodland.

Story/Book download: You can download a PDF copy of the book or read it online (althernate link here).

Lessons: There is one lesson for each of the 7 chapters.

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Who Is? / Who Was? series

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TV Series - Little House on the Prairie

Note that the series of lessons for Little House can be suitable both for kids and teens depending on their age and language level ability.
Some particular (more challenging) lessons may be more suitable for teens.

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Teens & Adults

At the Movies

At the Movies

There is currently one movie lesson available.

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Adults only (paid)


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